Hear what others have to say:

"Joe was totally engaging. The kids loved his humour and passion and vision. They easily understood the deeper meanings within his songs and embraced the idea that they too can "move the world". They loved having the opportunity to perform in a concert. Feedback from parents was all positive. I loved the curriculum and character connections, they were great. This was the most amazing performance experience I've had with my kids."
- Monica Wand, primary lead teacher

"It was wonderful to see how quickly Joe established a positive rapport with all students while also providing a well-planned structure of activities to engage them. His talent as an artist inspired our youngsters to demonstrate their understanding of how to make a difference through performance, while his skill as a teacher enabled him to provide key guidance to help our students achieve their vision at the culminating concert. Our staff was impressed by how well Joe was able to develop and extend our students' musical and dramatic abilities in such a short period of time. Teachers were pleased to observe and record students fulfilling Ontario curriculum drama and music expectations during the classroom workshops.
The final concert was a tremendous celebration of the work the students had accomplished with Joe's encouragement and direction as they performed songs from his uplifting CDs "We Can Move the World" and "Geometry Park" for their friends and family.
The character education and curriculum based concert connected readily to our Arts Night event as well as our efforts to continue to raise money for the Stephen Lewis foundation.
Our parent community was impressed with the level of performance Joe had worked to facilitate with our students in addition to the important life lessons highlighted over the four-day workshop. We enjoyed Joe's cooperative and motivating manner while he was with us and appreciated his keen attention to management details as well."
- Cathie Pennington, Principal

"Joe captured the hearts of staff and students immediately as he began to work with our community. His energy, enthusiasm, versatility and creativity in the area of Character Education permeated throughout our building during this week. Well done, Joe!"
- Eileen Berg, Principal

"Our school had the privilege of working with Joe this year and it was a wonderful experience for all involved. Joe and I met early on to arrange the practice dates and times so that the teachers involved were well informed and aware of the schedule. Joe was very accommodating and worked wonderfully with the students and staff to make this experience a memorable one for all involved. The feedback I received from parents and staff has been wonderful and the students continue to talk about their experience weeks after the event. I would, without hesitation, have our school and students work with Joe as part of his performance in the future."
- Mr. P. Cocurullo, Principal

"Joe Crone was a presenter at both the 2005 and 2006 London International Children's Festivals. He gave 100% while working with children both on and off the stage. Joe has a natural talent for engaging children and bringing out their creative spirit. Joe's compassion and caring put the children he worked with at ease while they were onstage, without dampening any of their enthusiasm. Joe's creative music sparks the imagination of youth. He not only got the students actively participating in the performance, but also the audience. The students, parents and teachers were very impressed with Joe's diligent work with children.
Joe Crone is deeply committed to his music and working with children. The end result of his engagements at the London International Children's Festivals were performances that the children could be proud to be a part of, and ones that everyone enjoyed. I would strongly recommend Joe Crone to any school or organization that works with children."
- Kevin Tiggeloven, Board of Directors, The London International Children's Festival

"What a wonderful performance and learning experience. Joe Crone is truly an educational genius."
- Tracey Strohm, Principal

"Joe Crone worked with every student in the school to create an amazing arts performance that helped students understand that they can make a positive contribution to the world. With a focus on the curriculum expectations and a sense of humour, students in each class created their own dramatic presentations that parents said were the "best performance ever".
Kim Smith, Principal
- Sheila MacRae, Vice Principal

"This was a fabulous experience for our kids and our staff. It was great having all the props supplied and ready. For staff, it was a relatively stress free preparation."
- Karen Connery, teacher

"Joe Crone's energy was contagious and invigorating. He worked with our whole student body from K-7, motivating them to create an enthusiastic performance of original songs and dramas. Students had a chance to shine whether they chose to sing or act. It was an amazing experience for everyone, and a fantastic way to promote Character Education. Our parent community thoroughly enjoyed the evening presentation. It was a great success!"
- Joanne Harris, Principal / Janet Keilhack, Teacher-Librarian

"Outstanding! Great spirit builder for the school. Everyone was involved and performed in a relaxed, no pressure atmosphere. All the songs had great learning or character messages. I couldn't believe how quickly it was put together. It looked like a performance we had practiced for months but it was put together in as little as 3 or 4 half hour sessions. All the students loved "J.C.". Smiles all around. All schools should get this guy!"
- Tracey Woodhead, Teacher

"Joe, thanks for a super fast, super fun musical/drama week for my class. It was the easiest music night ever from a teacher point of view. My kids loved it too!"
- Helen Derry, Teacher

"The children loved working with Joe! Parents were delighted and I learned how to use a variety of drama techniques along with my students!"
- B. Mahabir , Teacher

"Joe has a gift with children. He appeals to them in a way that is engaging, respectful, loving and entertaining. All age groups love working with Joe, from kindergarten students through to grade eights. Even kids who often refuse to participate are drawn in by Joe and give it their very best. The performance level after three short practice sessions with Joe was phenomenal! Definitely one of the very best visiting artists we have ever had at our school!"
- Kathrina McDade, Teacher

"Joe made an instant connection with the students who absolutely worshiped him. He was highly organized and provided all the props and costumes for the students. The parents raved about the performance and were pleased it reinforced "Character Education". Joe is a remarkable person who enjoys bringing the gifts of music and drama to children."
- Charlotte Swift, Principal

"Not only did the students benefit from Joe's wealth of experience, he also inspired teachers to use a variety of drama techniques with their classes. Thanks for a great production."
- Rosemary Johnson

"Joe Crone has an extraordinary talent and a great gift for engaging children in a deep, delightful and meaningful way."
- Dan Popov, Ph.D., Co-Founder, The Virtues Project

"Joe Crone is a natural teacher who understands that the joy of teaching easily translates into a joy of learning."
- David Honsberger, Principal

"I have never seen such a creative performance that was put together so quickly and professionally. The children enjoyed being involved and had a lot of fun participating. Parents' feedback was so positive! The process seemed so simple yet the outcome was amazing! Joe did a wonderful job!"
- Ronda Quinsey, Teacher, Maple Leaf Public School

Children's Comments

"Your music is about how people can be good to one another and I really like that." - Spence, age 6

"Absolutely tremendous, fun, exciting and relaxed atmosphere. A dazzling performance" - Mike, age 14

"Having this experience with Joe was awesome. I totally would like to have it again, because Joe can connect with kids, he knows what to do and what's best!" - Sammy, age 11

"This was a crazy and fun activity. Joe's ability to work with kids makes every session very relaxing, yet educational. Everyone had a positive attitude towards him, and the process of creating this dramatic activity was exciting and easy." - Lauren, age 13

" The program was fantastic! Not only was it fun and interactive, it was also educational. Joe Crone is cool!" - James, age 10

You make it fun to learn! - Logan, age 7

"It was entertaining to perform the songs, while enjoying ourselves at the same time. We learned lessons that will help throughout life." - Lindsay, age 10

I found out a new and exciting way to remember the provinces and capitals and many more things that you need to know for school in a fun way by listening to your CD "Geometry Park". - Tinara, age 9

It was fun working with you on our assembly because we were able to do the actions we wanted to do but you helped us to make them better! - Kevin, age 9

I liked "Geometry Park" because the songs help you learn things. - Phoebe, age 8

My favorite song is "Why Not Try Peace for a While?" I like the words and music to all the songs. - Daniel, age 7

"Joe and his music get me excited about learning more!" - Aubrie, age 7

Review of Geometry Park

Professionally Speaking Magazine
(Ontario College of Teachers) Sept 2003 issue

Geometry Park - CD
Learning Songs by Joe Crone.
Reviewed by Andrea Murik (Re-printed by permission)

Do your students need motivation to learn grammar, Canadian geography and fractions? With Geometry Park you can address Ontario curriculum expectations while entertaining your students with a rhythmic collection of upbeat tunes.

Although the title might lead you to expect only math concepts, Geometry Park integrates science, geography and language curriculum from grades four to eight. From "The Provinces Rap," to "Slip to the Side" (on the rules of rounding), students will be singing the praises of this fun-filled CD.

Geometry Park is catchy, contemporary, fun to listen to and has easy-to-learn lyrics. Songwriter and teacher, Joe Crone, who has taught music and drama from Kindergarten to Grade eight, believes children learn best through music. He has created simple rhymes and repetitive melodies that stick in the mind - helping students remember various concepts, facts and rules whether grammar, fractions or rounding-off.

As a former grade-five teacher, I especially enjoyed the songs about digestion and circulation, "Digestion Blues" and "The Beat Goes On".

The CD also comes with Karaoke versions of each song, so students can perform themselves. Lyric sheets with chord charts, available from the Illumisware web site, could easily be integrated into music programs or school concerts. This CD is a must-have for grades four to eight, especially for those of us who are not necessarily musically inclined.

Reviewed by Andrea Murik, Special Education Resource Teacher, Simcoe County District School Board.

Review of We Can Move the World

Reviewed for "Professionally speaking", magazine of the Ontario College of teachers.

Joe Crone's latest CD contribution, We Can Move the World, is a lovely blend of songs on peace, empowerment and community building. Although their themes are serious, the songs don't weigh you down. Instead, they are enjoyable listening. The lyrics are strong and provide concrete images for students. The songs foster a caring and commitment to each other. They promote a sense of connectedness and they can inspire students to action.

Through his songs, Crone takes listeners on a journey of self-discovery. "Why Not Try Peace For A While?" passionately and peacefully asks listeners to consider how their world could be shaped a little differently. There is a logic that makes sense to young listeners. The singable, "Hey, Hey, What Do You See?", piques interest in our world, our wider community. It encourages positive thinking, problem solving and imagination. The thought provoking, "I Wish, My Friend" and "I Pledge Allegiance" are unconventional. They are gentle, yet they evoke powerful and enduring ideals.
Singer/ Songwriter Joe Crone is a singer/songwriter and a former elementary school teacher. His love and respect for children is apparent in his music. In the liner notes, he provides the lyrics, guitar chords and ideas for adapting the songs in the classroom. Karaoke versions are also included. The collection is a promotion of peace, understanding and respect for oneself, one another and our one world. We Can Move the World offers a different vision of the world. Problems are identified and more importantly, Crone makes the possibilities attainable. Kids will hear the message and they will do so much more.