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A Goes A

a goes ‘a’ for ant and attitude
and  b says ‘b’ for a big baboon
c goes ‘c’ for a cuddly cat
and d says ‘d’ for a drifting sand dune
e is ‘e’ for enormous elephant
f says f for funkadellic frog
And g  goes ‘g’ for gooey globs of glue
and h says ‘h’ for a hyper hedgehog
i is ‘i’ for ingenious  igloo
j says ‘j’ for jello and jam
and k goes ‘k’ for kooky kangaroos
and l says ’l’ for lovely little lambs
m is ‘m’ for mischievous monkeys
n says ‘n’ for nibbling newts
o goes ‘o’ for an odd octopus 
p says ‘p’ for purple prunes – yuck!

q goes ‘q’ for quiet quintuplets
r is ‘r’ for resting in a room
s says ‘s’ for slithering snakes
and t says ‘t’ for a toe tapping tune
u goes ‘u’ for upside-down underwear
v is ‘v’ for vulgar vulture
And w says ‘w’ for a wacky warthog
and x says ‘x’ for extreme explorers 
y says ‘y’ for yucky yellow yoyos
and yelping yaks when they are young
and z goes ‘z’ for zoos and zebras
and now you’re finished the alphabet song

now you’re done, now you’re through,
now the rest is up to you
learn the letter, learn the sound
c’mon everybody, and sing out loud!


To all the hommies out there, we’re gonna learn a new craft
We’re gonna drop new science ‘bout the blends and diagraphs
So get on the mic from left to right,
Then top to bottom, we gonna kick it all night
Let me hear you say…..bl, br, cl, cr, etc.

All right my hommies that was pretty good,
But don’t front, you gotta prove that you understood
From right to left is the new direction
Then bottom to top ‘til we reach perfection 
Let me hear you say…...shr, thr, ph, th, etc.            

Oh yeah we done,
Oh yeah we cool.
You’re my blending posse, my diagraph crew
So get on the mic an spin the wax.
Come on, make some noise for the blends and diagraphs.



Totally Wack

To all my crew in the class, in the front, in the back
These next letter sounds are totally wack.
They make no sense, the’re all messed up,
 But we gotta learn them anyway, so listen up.
Kick it…..ay, eigh, eight, oo, etc.

Now I told you those sounds were off the chain,
But don’t fret, lets go back and spin it again.
With the DJ spinnin, the bass don’t stop,
Take it right to left, take it bottom to top.
Kick it one time…..ed, le, ous, ce, etc.

The recess bell is ringin’ in my ear.
The lesson is learned, so we’re outta here.
The class is dismissed but don’t forget to flash back
To the sounds in the rap that are totally wack.














"Blends" coloring chart


"Totally Wack" coloring chart