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Lesson Plan and Tracking Sheets
Lesson Plan &
Tracking Sheets

Practice Sheets
Practice Sheets

Games & Cards


Music Lyrics

Wordlists and Cards
Word Lists

Music Samples


The components of The Complete Phonics Program have been designed for use in either the home or the classroom. The contents of this program will allow your children to memorize the building blocks of English through music, art, games, stories, and writing. The tracking sheets and lesson plan will allow you to maximize the potential of the program and to monitor the progress of your children, whether you have a house of 2 children or a classroom of 30.

In addition to the program contents detailed here, The Complete Phonics Program comes with:  
  • Email Support. If you need assistance in implementing the program, help is only an email away.
  • Money Back Guarantee. If this program does not satisfy you then simply return all the components and your purchase price will be fully refunded.
  • Duplication Rights. If you are a classroom teacher and need more copies of any of the program contents, you have permission to duplicate what you need for your own classroom. Black line masters are included

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